Patriot PSD38G1600KH 2x4GB DDR3 1600Mhz

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Great for your system upgrade or budget PC build, the Patriot Signature memory is designed with performance and stability in mind at an affordable price. Fast speed, low latency, and massive bandwidth give you the capability required for fast program launch, responsive multitasking, and stutter-free program switching. Rigorous testing standards and top-of-the-line components ensure every module is 100% compatible. Add this memory to your system and see and feel the difference.

The Patriot Signature PSD38G1600KH memory module is rated at 1600MHz, and delivers up to 12.8GBps bandwidth per channel. You'll find it ideal for the evolving needs of today's operating systems and applications. Cas Latency 11 timing ensures smoother system response.


The premium-quality heatsink, wrapped around the memory module, enables even and quick heat dissipation.

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